Clean Green Eating


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What our customers are saying

"Traysi has a welcoming spirit and a talent for making

healthy food taste wonderful!"

- Reverend Blake Isaac,

Director of Questhaven Retreat, San Marcos, CA

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Clean Green Eating

Clean Green Eating is a fresh new approach to food.

It is a simple, all natural way of looking at food, as pure, clean fuel for our body -

what our bodies were designed to digest.​

It is eating food that is closest to its original source,

so that our bodies can recognize it and digest it properly and joyfully.

And it is about learning to pay attention to how we feel after we eat,

not just how it tastes when we are eating it.

By eating clean, simple conscious food, that truly nourishes our body, 

it allows us to become more aware of the more subtle unifying aspects of life.   

It is a delicious, bountiful & abundant way to nourish our body & soul.

It is all Organic, Fresh Prepared & full of Life Force!

Free of - Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugar, Processing & GMO's.

We offer interactive, hands on demos & classes, as well as, catering for our retreat events.

What our customers are saying

"Clean Green Eating is delicious & joyful!"

- Teresa L., Vista, CA

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Clean Green Eating 


Traysi & Tom Catered regularly 

at the Questhaven Retreat Center, San Diego, CA - 2016 - 2017

Traysi & Tom

"We love to create food

that nourishes the body and soul."

Questhaven Retreat Lunches

"We always look forward to our

Clean Green Eating Friday lunch!"

- T. B., San Marcos, CA

Questhaven Weekend Retreat

Wonderful food, gentle teachings,


- Lucy W., San Marcos , CA

What our customers are saying

"I can finally eat bread again and feel good!"

- Roy B., Blaine, WA

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"Here's to Feeling Divine 

in our body and Mind!"

With Love,

Traysi and Tom