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A Sanctuary For Our Soul Journey 

Welcome Om

What our customers are saying

"The epic journey of our Soul is to come back home, 

to who we have always been."

- T. A. Spring

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New Online Course!

Soul Odyssey Experience

Exploring how to live Joyfully & Consciously 

on our Soul Journey

with Traysiah Spring

6 Week Online Experience

Date - To Be Announced

We are all on an epic Soul adventure that is filled with many trials and challenges.  What's it all for? 

Soul Odyssey Experience is a 6 week online interactive workshop that guides us in exploring why we are all here, and how we can navigate our soul journey more consciously, and with more joy and grace. 

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We will be utilizing many practical modern tools, as well as ancient holistic modalities, that can help empower us along the way, including - Ayurveda, Meditation, Vedic Astrology, E.F.T., Guided Imagery, Clean Green Eating, and much more.

It is a journey of discovery of our deeper self and how we can unfold the Soul Hero that we were born to be.

The course fee includes a Vedic Astrology Consultation with Traysiah Spring

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What our customers are saying

"I found the whole experience quite profound on many levels."

- Jenny M., Bowral, Australia

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Welcome Om

What if...

at the essence of ourselves, we are one unified field of energy...    and we have just forgotten?

And our Soul journey is to find our way back home to who we already are.

Welcome to


This is a safe sanctuary for your soul.

It is an online retreat center where we can meditate together and learn about how to navigate our epic soul journey with understanding and grace.

Let's be still for a while and meditate... 

Please enjoy our guided

OneAwareness Meditation

What our customers are saying

"Each Person you meet is an aspect of yourself,

clamoring for love."

- Eric Micha'el Leventhal

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The Retreat Center

What our customers are saying

"By paying attention to our 'sameness' underlying our differences, we start to notice that there is one powerful force unifying us all."

- Traysiah Spring

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Co-creators & Facilitators

Traysiah & Thomas

Traysiah Spring and Thomas Bakken

have over 75 years of combined experience in meditation, holistic arts and teaching.

They have a passion for exploring 'living from their soul' on a daily basis, and sharing what they learn,

 along the way.

What our customers are saying

"By simply shifting how we perceive the world,

we transform it, from the inside out."

- Thomas Bakken

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What our customers are saying

"There is only one of us.

One consciousness manifesting into different forms."

- Ram Dass

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